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Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2

Our diocese is actively engaged in diverse activities that would help transform the lives of people in need through the Love of Christ. It is our mission to uplift the lives of the poor and needy, by providing them quality services through our various programs that include Medical, Educational and Social activities.

Lazar garden retirement home

Malankara Jacobite Syrian Orthodox church

Mylapore Diocese

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Malankara Jacobite Syrian Orthodox church

Message from the Diocese Bishop

Within the past several decades India has witnessed a dramatic shift from the traditional joint family system to that of a nuclear family. Globalisation, increased family income and access to the media have all contributed towards this major social change.The Indian Joint family concept is breaking down and children looking for better career prospects move out from the parents home. This forces the parents to opt for retirement homes. This is the direction in which our society is moving today.

As the need and affordability of senior citizens have increased, there is a severe scarcity of retirement communities in India. This is where the Lazar Nagar Retirement Home, in short LGRH, steps in.

H. G. Mor Osthatheos Issac

Message from the Diocese Secretary

Lazar Garden Retirement home offers a unique blend of a secure community life coupled with the comforts of a home and a hassle free post retirement life.

It is located in a serene, peaceful ambience at Lazar Nagar. It lies within the Avadi municipality limit, close to the city of Chennai. Ideally located in the proximity of a large metropolitan city, yet affords a great deal of peace and privacy. The members will certainly enjoy a peaceful environment with others in the same age group. Residence at our LGRH will be provided with geriatric friendly environment which allows them a sense of independence.

Very. Rev. Fr. K. J. John CorEpiscopa

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The aim of Medical Care Ministries by our Mylapore diocese is to provide Biblical and compassionate healthcare cost solution to the needy irrespective of their religion, caste or language.

The main activity of this ministry include :

a) Palliative Care

This is aimed at providing medical and nursing care for needy patients who are terminally ill or living with serious illnesses at their homes. The goal is to improve the quality of life these patients as well as their families by focussing on relief from the symptoms and stress.

Coordinators :

Very Rev.K J John Corepiscopa , Tel: 04425376149
Dr.Leena Uthup , Mobile : +91 9380004884
Dr. Riya Susan Rajan MS(O&G), Mobile :+91 9567811275
Ms.Leelamma John , Mobile : +91 9840419853
Rev Fr.Siby Paul Kayanadu , Mobile : +91 9444277703

b) Medical consultancy

Through our medical consultancy ministry, we offer support to needy patients and their family members by helping them fix appointments with doctors at hospitals, help them find boarding and lodging and also meet their medical expenses.

Coordinators :

Rev.Dr.Dn Alex , Mobile : +91 9600035878
Rev Fr.Siby Paul Kayanadu , Mobile : +91 9444277703


The primary focus of this service is to assist the students who come from our churches in Kerala to Chennai, Coimbatore and Hyderabad for higher education. The students and their parents can contact the persons mentioned below for assistance in getting admission to colleges and hostels and also for temporary accommodation of these students or their parents when they visit these cities.

Coordinators :

Very Rev.K J John Corepiscopa , Tel : 04425376149
Rev Fr.Siby Paul Kayanadu , Mobile : +91 9444277703
Mrs.Sara Paul M.A.M.Ed , Retd.Academic Supervisor, Mobile : +91 9884591720

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Diocese Project - Lazer Garden Retirement Home Avadi

During council meeting held on 12th October, 2017 at St.George JSO Church, Avadi,Chennai, Mr. V L Thomas, member of St.George JSO Church, Avadi put forward the proposal of New Project for Retirement Homes to be constructed adjoining the present Avadi church. He informed the council his intention to lease ten grounds of land belonging to him for this purpose and request all to support the project. He will entrust the land through our Metropolitan to be put to good use for the benefit of our society.We hereby place on record our sincere gratitude to Mr. Thomas for his kind gesture.

Lazar Garden Retirement home Project construction work in progress

Lazar Garden Retirement home Project under construction work started



Lazar Garden retirement home construction site H.G.THIRUMENI visited.